Credit Card Debt Leads

Few Americans can open their mailboxes without finding that they're preapproved for a credit card. One credit card company uses the tagline: What's in your wallet?

For the average adult, the answer is 9.2 credit cards according to recent research by It's no wonder that so many Americans find themselves drowning in credit card debt and unsure of where to look for help.

If you're in business to provide services - debt consolidation, credit counseling, or any other service - to people with credit card debt, Leadz101 can connect you with these consumers.

Your credit card leads won't arrive via fax or e-mail. Instead, we'll deliver our credit debt leads as live transfers to any phone number you specify. What could your salespeople do with 50 or 100 exclusive credit card leads that ring in every week? Use leads that hear your offer and signal a desire to speak live with a representative!

Imagine telesales without wasted time caused by disconnects, screening spouses, or leaving messages with distracted teenagers - just your sales top closing agent and a quality exclusive credit debt lead one-on one.

We say a closers dream. To find out more about getting the credit card leads that you need to expand, call 1-800-742-1554. You'll be glad you did!

Debt consolidation companies love these leads because of how much time and effort they save.

Leadz101 is a lead generation company that specializes in direct response lead generation for financial services firms. If you're searching for a reputable source of live transfer credit card debt leads, we have them right now!

Real Prospects, real time, with Real Results

Here are six of the reasons that our clients have given us for preferring our credit card leads to competitive paper or Internet debt leads:

  • Completely 100% In house credit card debt leads: We don't subcontract lead generation to any other lead company. All of our leads come directly from broadcasting your professionally produced message and they go only to your phone sales pros.
  • Credit Card Leads in Handfuls or Hundreds: Our clients include large multistate debt settlement negotiators who need hundreds of leads per day and small sole proprietors, who only want a few extra leads every day. We can provide you with a predictable number of credit debt leads for each of your salespeople.
  • Simple Debt lead tracking tools: Managing your ongoing marketing effort is simple. As Leadz101 customer, manage your campaign real-time over the Internet. It's easy to see how many leads you received for the day, turn credit card debt leads on or off, or change the telephone number where debt consolidation leads are sent on the fly.
  • Credit card debt leads now: Many forms of advertising have long lead times before your office even gets a single call. Leadz101 can start to deliver targeted leads almost immediately.
  • Leads that fit you your customer profile: With complete control over your message and the ability to apply filters to your list or ours, we can help you reach the right credit card debt debt settlement leads with greater accuracy.
  • Leads without long-term commitments or auto renewals: Leadz101 has grown quickly in the last 12 months because of our fair and straightforward pricing. We don't believe in auto renewals. We don't require long term contracts to deliver live transfer debt leads. Our exclusive credit card debt leads and the results you get with them are how we earn continuous live lead business.

If you aren't 100% happy with the number and quality of the leads that you're getting from your credit card debt leads generation company, why not give Leadz101 a call? We'll be happy to prove that not all live leads companies are created equal. Call 1-800-742-1554 for a credit card debt leads specialist now!


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