Long Term Care Leads

Mohammed Ali was one of the greatest athletes of our age. He won fights with the lightning speed of his jab and his elusiveness in the ring. However, those were Ali's trademarks before he fought Joe Frazier.

This new opponent punched so hard that Ali changed his tactics. He covered up and let Frazier hit him until he was completely punched out. Like a true champion, Ali knew that winning sometimes requires a new approach.

Insurance agents looking to become champions in the long-term care market could learn a thing or two from a prizefighter. Leadz101 has combined two innovative lead technologies (lead broadcasting and live transfer) to create the means to deliver a steady steam of live leads for long-term care insurance.

Visualize how much five, ten, or even twenty more exclusive long term care leads for each of your agents could contribute to your end-of-month sales results!

If you'd like to get more leads for yourself or your team of top producers, call Leadz101 at 1-800-742-1554 today! We'll be glad to show how live transfer leads can complement your existing targeted long-term care insurance leads marketing programs.

Our clients have discovered several advantages that make warm transfer leads from Leadz101 superior to what is available from our competitors in the long term care lead market:

  • Exclusive Long Term Care Leads - Unlike a paper lead, which can be resold, a live transfer belongs only to the agent who receives it. No risk of "exclusive leads" that turn out to be public domain.
  • Live Leads - Every experienced agent has felt the frustration of leaving messages and speaking with those whose sole function appears to be preventing a decision maker from ever hearing from a salesperson. Our live transfer leads eliminate phone tag. You spend time answering questions, overcoming objections, and adding to your book of business.
  • Real Time Leads - Paper long term care insurance leads get cold because time passes between the time the lead is gathered and the call from your agent. Live transfer puts a quote seeker together with you immediately after he takes action to signal a desire to speak with an agent. Getting a live transfer means receiving a hot insurance lead!
  • Targeted Insurance Leads - We'll listen carefully to your description of the prospect that you want to attract and turn our skilled writers loose to create a broadcast message that projects the right image for your agency and stimulates consumers to become qualified leads.
  • Easy Tracking Tools for Your Long Term Care Lead Program - Our state-of-the-art system tracks all leads real time. You'll know up to the minute how your live lead campaign is working. Need to know how many live long term care leads you received today? This week? No problem.
  • Live Insurance Leads Without Set up Fees or Other Hidden Charges - We invite you to call Leadz101 now at 1-800-742-1554 for a quote on your next live transfer lead program. You'll find simple pricing and no hidden fees or long term contracts. We'll gladly earn your insurance lead business with every order.
  • 100% In House Live Insurance Leads - We're confident about the quality of our long term care leads because we generate each one in house.

If you have been looking for a way to increase your share of the lucrative long-term care insurance market, call Leadz101 for a free consultation. We've recently joined the ranks of the fastest growing live lead generation companies in America. We did it by consistently delivering Real Long Term Care Prospects, Real Time, with Real Results. Call 1-800-742-1554 now to get live transfer insurance leads!


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