Life Insurance Leads

Even the most junior life insurance salesperson has received this advice: Follow the ABCs when speaking with a good prospect. Always Be Closing. In the real world, however, life insurance salespeople dedicate most of their time finding life Insurance leads before they even get the chance to offer a quote, let alone ask for a commitment.

Leadz101 is a lead generation company that can help your business develop a steady stream of live life insurance leads. With live transfer life insurance prospects coming to you, you can focus your efforts on turning your leads into clients. If you'd like more warm transfer insurance leads, call Leadz101 today at 1-800-742-1554!

Using our innovative lead broadcasting system, a professionally produced marketing message made specifically for pre-qualifying life insurance leads, and the magic of live transfer, we can make your phones ring with a steady stream of custom insurance leads.

What could you accomplish with five, ten, or even twenty extra targeted life insurance leads each week?

Life insurance is a numbers game, the more presentations to qualified prospects you make, the more policies you write. Doesn't it make sense to use the most effective prospecting tools available to you?

Here are seven ways that Leadz101 insurance leads beat the paper life insurance leads our competition provides:

  • Real Time Leads - Leads are best served hot. Our live transfer life insurance leads arrive on the phone seconds after they have heard your custom marketing message and signaled a desire to speak with a representative.
  • 100% In House Generated Insurance Leads - We don's subcontract our live broadcasting services and we don't buy live transfer leads for resale. Every lead you get will be one we have generated on your behalf.
  • Targeted Life Insurance Leads - Does you campaign require attracting clients to fit a certain profile? Our team of professional scriptwriters can deliver the right message to call your targeted demographic to action. We also can apply filters to your calling lists to ensure maximum ROI for your lead purchase dollars!
  • Prescreened Live Transfer Insurance Leads - Some of our insurance agents prefer to take direct live transfers. Others want us to prescreen and verify leads before live transfer. We can custom design your program to work with how you like to do business.
  • Exclusive Life Insurance Leads - A live transfer is different from a paper lead. It's a direct connection with the potential client and avoids the risk of leads that have been resold again and again.
  • Simple to Track Warm Transfer Insurance Leads - One of the headaches of a leads campaign is record keeping. We make it easy with our proprietary Internet based lead tracking system. You'll get real time data on your live transfer leads as they arrive from any Internet connected PC!
  • Leads Without Start up Fees - We don't charge a Do Not Call compliance fee or any other bogus set up fees for starting a live transfer leads program. Our pricing is straightforward. We're easy to do business with.

It's a reasonable goal for any life insurance agent to spend as much time as possible with prospects most likely to buy. At Leadz101, we're among the fastest growing live transfer lead companies in the U.S. because we deliver Real Life Insurance Prospects, Real Time, with Real Results. To get your lead generation program started, call 1-800-742-1554 today! It's as simple as ABC.


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