Disability Insurance Leads

Would your agents welcome five more exclusive disability insurance leads every day? Whether you're an insurance broker with a team of agents or an entrepreneurial agent seeking to reach a personal sales quota, Leadz101 can provide you with a new source of fresh disability Insurance leads.

No one likes to think about being unable to work due to Short or long-term disability. It's hard enough to cope with disability without having to worry about paying bills or losing a home.

Despite the advances in marketing in an Internet age, it's still a challenge for the owners of insurance agencies and their agents to connect with consumers when they're most receptive to buying disability insurance.

Leadz101 is among our nation's most rapidly expanding live transfer lead firms for targeted, pre-screened disability insurance leads. We're growing because we deliver Real Prospects, Real Time, with Real Results to our insurance clients. If you'd like to see what more disability insurance leads could do for your income, call 1-800-742-1554 today!

Whether you're an agent or broker, Leadz101's live lead broadcasting can help you reach countless prospects quickly at an unbeatable price.

Skilled scriptwriters, seasoned voice talent, and state-of-the-art recording studios help us target marketing messages that resonate with employees and attract quality live leads for your disability insurance offer.

Add live transfer to connect insurance leads to your licensed agents in real time, and you can see why our marketing programs deliver moneymaking disability insurance leads.

Leadz101 gives your most experienced disability insurance agents a chance to reach disability insurance shoppers when they are in a buying mood: when they've heard a commercial for your offer and signaled their willingness to speak to an agent. Is there any better time to speak with an insurance lead?

We ask you to consider the many ways that Leadz101 disability insurance leads trump paper leads from other companies:

  • Leads 100% Generated By Leadz101 - We don't take the word of third parties when we guarantee you exclusive live transfer disability insurance leads. All our leads are generated in-house.
  • Leads Delivered Live - Depending on your live transfer campaign's parameters, our leads can arrive immediately or only after added prescreening by our trained telephone representatives. We'll deliver leads in a way that works best for how your business operates.
  • Real Time Lead Tracking - It shouldn't be hard to keep up with how your live lead tracking disability insurance campaign is progressing. With us, it won't be. We give you intuitive tools. From any Internet connected PC, you can manage your campaign easily. Need to know how many leads you received today? Need a look at the data since your live transfer disability insurance marketing effort began? Real time tracking makes it easy to obtain accurate data.
  • Disability Insurance Leads Delivered at Your Pace - We can deliver as many live transfer leads as you need to keep your best agents productive during their peak sales time.
  • Real Exclusive Disability Insurance Leads - Stale leads are as welcome to salespeople as yesterday's coffee. Live leads come to one agency and one agent, so they offer a level of exclusivity that is difficult to obtain from a paper lead.
  • STD and LTD Leads Delivered Now - With other lead programs, it can take weeks for a media buy and even longer before a single inquiry. A live lead transfer program from Leadz101 starts the phones ringing immediately.
  • A Targeted Lead Generation Approach - Live lead transfer allows you to target your prospect by filtering the call list and by polishing the audio message motivating the targeted prospects to transfer live to your disability insurance agents.

Closing more business requires efficient spending of your prospecting budget. Use the latest and most effective way to move the best leads toward becoming next year's renewing disability insurance policyholders. To see how Leadz101 can help you obtain better leads, call 1-800-742-1554 and ask for a DI lead specialist!


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