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"I need leads and I need them now," said Shelley Levene in David Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross. The desperate salesman knew the value of good leads. What he really needed was a system to assure that he consistently received quality exclusive business leads.

With Leadz101 on his team, he would have had all the leads he could ever need. Leadz101 is a lead generation company that uses the latest lead broadcasting technology and live transfer to gather leads and deliver them in real time to commercial insurance agents.

Whether you want to connect with auto body shop owners who need property and casualty coverage, or real estate brokers searching for quality E and O policies, we can deliver targeted business insurance leads to your phones every day. To learn more about how Leadz101 can help you receive more live business insurance leads, call 1-800-742-1554 now!

Wouldn't it be nice for earnings to allow your best salespeople to devote more time to quoting and selling? How quickly could you grow if each of your agents turned one more targeted quality business insurance lead into a sale every week? Over the course of a year, that amounts to a huge difference to your company's bottom line!

Here are just a few ways that Leadz101 exceeds the commercial insurance leads available from other live lead transfer companies:

  • Leads Generated 100% In House - We generate all of our live transfer business insurance leads in house. It's the most effecient and effective way to assure you of receiving quality live transfer leads every time you place an order.
  • Business Insurance Leads Arriving in Real Time - We'll deliver a person who has heard a brief synopsis of your offer and signaled interest as an inbound call. No wasted time and no callbacks required to speak with prospects.
  • Targeted Leads Available Now - Many other marketing efforts require long lead times before any commercial insurance leads start coming. If you want business insurance leads right away, you'll be pleased at how quickly Leadz101 can light up your phone lines. Our professional scriptwriters and superb voice talent can get the job done for your campaign in days, not weeks.
  • Business Insurance Leads That Are Genuinely Exclusive - Live transfer leads put the potential client and agent together in real time. We warm-transfer each lead to only one business insurance agent.
  • Filtered Leads for Business Insurance - If you're looking to connect with businesses of a certain size or SIC code, we can filter our calling list to deliver only the best prospects tailored to your specific offer.
  • Business Insurance Leads without Set Up Fees or long term Contracts - We make it simple to do business with easy-to-understand pricing, no auto renewals, and no long-term contracts.
  • Insurance Leads with Built In Campaign Tracking - As your campaign progresses, you'll need to keep records of the data to calculate ROI. As a Leadz101 client, you'll be able to track your campaign in real time from any Internet-connected PC. Even when you're on the road, monitoring your business insurance leads program is a cinch.

If you've been considering live transfer as a means to increase your share of the business insurance market, call Leadz101 at 1-800-742-1554 for a no-obligation quote. We're among the fastest growing lead generation businesses in the Southeast United States because we deliver Real Prospects, Real Time, with Real Results. Call today!


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