Health Insurance Leads

Some of the 41 million Americans who don't have health insurance can't afford it. The rest just haven't received the right offer from an insurance agent. They'll buy from the first insurance agent who makes a compelling presentation.

What would it mean to your business if you could multiply your prospecting efforts and put your health insurance offer in front of this group? What if you could instantly transfer live pre-qualified health Insurance leads to the phones of your top closing agents?

No phone tag, no need to leave messages, no gatekeepers.

If you aren't getting results from your current health insurance lead generation activities, why not give Leadz101 a call at 1-800-742-1554! Let us show you why we are among the fastest growing live transfer lead companies in the U.S.!

Using our insurance lead development broadcasting platform, Leadz101 can place your offer in front of thousands of prospects for pennies per call. Using live transfer, we can connect recipients of your custom message to an agent seconds after they signal their desire to move forward.

It's an efficient and cost-effective means to ensure that your agents have a steady stream of health insurance leads. Imagine what you could do with five, ten, or twenty additional live leads for health insurance every day!

Our live transfer health insurance leads have several distinct advantages over those offered by competitors:

  • Health insurance leads generated 100% in-house: We don't buy live leads from other lead companies or websites. All of our leads are generated by broadcasting your professionally produced health insurance offer to consumers.
  • Health Insurance Leads that Arrive Real Time - Live transfer forwards the prospect to the phone of an agent the instant that he or she signals the wish to speak with a rep! These exclusive health insurance leads have taken positive action to show interest; they just need to be closed!
  • Health Insurance Leads that are Exclusive - A paper lead is easy to resell. Nothing undermines the morale quicker than stale, non-exclusive leads. Our live transfer lead is an exclusive, one-to-one lead. One prospect, one agent.
  • Health Insurance Leads Filtered to Fit Your Campaign - Our professionals will assure that the marketing message contains the right elements to stimulate action on behalf of targeted health insurance leads. We can filter the calling list to ensure that your message calls the right prospects to action.
  • State of the Art Tools to Track Your Live Leads campaign - It's easy to track the health insurance leads that you get from Leadz101 Our proprietary internet-based lead tracking system makes it easy to see exactly how many live leads you have received today, yesterday, or since your marketing campaign began.
  • The Right Number of Live Health Insurance Leads Per Day - We can help you get the right number of warm transfer exclusive insurance leads to make sure your agents stay busy.
  • Health Insurance Leads without Setup Fees, Automatic Renewals or Hidden Fees - Our pricing is simple and straightforward. We believe that the quality of our targeted health insurance leads speaks for itself. We earn your business with every order.

If you see the potential of live transfer and lead development broadcasting working for your business, we invite you to call us at 1-800-742-1554. We're among the fastest growing lead generation for health insurance companies in the United States because we deliver Real Prospects with Real Results. Call today!


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