Auto Insurance Leads

Although nearly every person over sixteen in the U.S. is a prospect for auto insurance, it isn't as easy as it looks for insurance agents to find quality auto Insurance leads.

Most automotive insurance agents are superb salespeople, but few enjoy the hunt for car insurance leads - whether it's called prospecting, networking, lead generation, or cold calling. It's hard work to find auto insurance leads ready to close.

Leadz101 has combined two innovative technologies creating a system that delivers significant live car insurance leads to keep your office busy quoting and writing new Business. To get started with a live transfer car insurance lead program, call 1-800-742-1554 today!

If you're using a paper auto lead program or just not getting the results from another firms live transfer program, we invite you to call Leadz101 to find out how our auto insurance leads beat the competition:

  • Exclusive car insurance leads: Unlike a paper lead, which can be resold many times, a live transfer belongs only to the agent who receives it. No more risk of buying "exclusive leads" that turn out to be anything but!
  • Live auto insurance leads: Every experienced agent marketing over the phone has felt the frustration of leaving messages and speaking with gatekeepers. Our live transfer leads eliminate phone tag. You spend time answering questions, overcoming objections, and writing auto insurance policies.
  • Real time leads: Paper car insurance leads get cold because of the time that passes between the inquiry and response. Live transfer puts a quote seeker together with you seconds after he or she takes action to speak with an agent! Getting a live transfer means receiving a car insurance lead when it's still fresh!
  • targeted car insurance leads: We'll listen carefully to the parameters of the prospect that you're looking to attract and turn our team of skilled writers loose to create a broadcast message that projects the right image for your insurance company. This stimulates consumers shopping for insurance to become qualified leads.
  • Easy Tracking Tools for Your Car Insurance Lead Program: Our state of the art system allows for easy, real time tracking of your campaigns progress. Log into any Internet connected PC and the data is at your fingertips. Need to know how many auto insurance leads you received today or this week? No problem.
  • No set up fees or other hidden charges: Call Leadz101 now at 1-800-742-1554 for a quote on your next live transfer lead program. You'll find simple pricing with no hidden fees or long-term contracts. We'll be glad to earn your car insurance lead generation business with every order.

What could you do with five or ten extra targeted auto insurance leads every day? Leadz101 is among the fastest growing lead generation companies in the U.S. and our formula is simple. We deliver Real Prospects, Real Time, With Real Results. Call 1-800-742-1554 now for a quote on auto insurance leads!


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