Real Estate Investor Leads

A sub-Prime lending crisis, near record foreclosures, and cooling real estate and mortgage markets are good news for the real estate investors who have been waiting on the sidelines for the right time to buy.

Smart investors are channeling funds into residential, commercial, and hospitality real estate. Finding those investors requires a sophisticated lead generation system that can supply targeted, qualified, and exclusive investor leads.

Smart Investors get excited in any market with an Abundance of motivated sellers because of the possibility of getting a genuine bargain.

Real Estate Investor Leads

If real estate investors are among your best clients, we at Leadz101 would like to ask a simple question: How much more effective would you be if you didn't have to waste time with callbacks and leaving messages?

What if your investor leads arrived live on your phone by direct transfer when the investor wanted to speak with you about buying or selling real estate?

Call us now at 1-800-742-1554 to see how we can deliver hot investor live transfer leads at a price that makes outstanding ROI achievable.

As an investment broker, you understand the value of strong leads and the importance of good timing. How much could your conversion rate improve if our system delivered live leads to your phone within seconds of their decision to take action?

Leadz101 is one of America's most rapidly expanding lead generation firms because we deliver Real Prospects, in Real Time, with Real Results:

  • 100% Leadz101 Investor Leads - Reduce your risk by assuring that your leads don't rely on third party brokers. We assure you of exclusive in-house leads.
  • Immediate Investor Live Leads - Timing is everything! Your investor leads are transferred to your phone after being acquainted with the specifics of your offer.
  • Pre-Qualified Connections - Filter out the cool leads with additional pre-qualification by our trained staff. Receive verified investor leads by warm transfer from our call center.
  • Remote Investor Leads Management - Stay current with your efforts to turn investor leads into satisfied repeat clients from any Internet connection. Out of office does not mean out of touch with your real time live leads!
  • Variable Delivery Levels - Order as many or as few live transfer leads as you need to match your response capabilities.
  • Hot Leads in Real Time - No more stale or dropped leads. Your live transfers arrive hot and to only one real estate professional: you!
  • Live Investor Leads Now - Your marketing effort doesn't need days or weeks to get underway. Start receiving more investor leads in a time frame that will leave you smiling-today!
  • targeted leads - Target your prospects and customize your interactive message to improve your client opt-ins.
  • Compliance with the National Do-Not-Call List - All lists are scrubbed against the latest version of the relevant DNC lists.
  • Professionally Produced - Sharp scriptwriters, experienced voice talent, and modern studios place your firm in an excellent light.

Improve your lead generation results without more time prospecting, pre-qualifying, and chasing down leads for follow-up. Leadz101 can help get your business more qualified investor leads quickly and cost effectively. Call 1-800-742-1554 to speak with an investor lead rep now!


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