Auto Dealer Leads

Joe Girard, author of The Greatest Salesman in the World, sold more cars in his 15-year career than any other car salesperson before or since. According to Deloite and Touche audited numbers, he sold 13,001 cars from his auto dealership.

Joe outsold the rest of the salespeople at the car and truck dealership for several reasons. One big reason: he was willing to pay other salespeople a small fee for their spent automotive leads.

Joe understood the value of good automotive sales leads the way any top closer would. He believed in his product, and Joe persisted until he closed his car sales lead that others gave up on.

Auto Dealership Leads

During his automotive dealership sales career, the techniques he utilized to establish and maintain relationships with potential customers were state-of-the-art, fundamental, and simply worked.

If you share Joe's appreciation of good auto sales leads and want to deliver more to your top closers, you'll want to learn more about live transfer leads from Leadz101

Our broadcast technology will get your message out for pennies per prospect. Once your professionally produced audio message arrives, interested car buyers need only press a number on their phone keypad to connect live with an auto sales person. All lists are scrubbed for compliance with the national do-not-call list and messages allow for easy opt-out. For a demonstration of how this technology can increase your bottom line, call 1-800-742-1554 right now!

Consider how much more effective your best salespeople would be if they didn't have to waste time doing callbacks and leaving messages. What could they do with automotive sales leads that arrived immediately after the person making the inquiry signaled desire to speak with an auto salesperson?

The top answer from among our repeat automotive lead clients: Close more!

Auto sales leads provided by Leadz101 are better leads. Here's the skinny:

Geo Targeted Auto Leads - Don't waste precious marketing dollars on a medium that attracts customers too far away to be interested. We can target our message to the area codes close to the dealership.

Auto Sales 100% Generated In House - We don't buy leads from other live lead transfer companies. We deliver leads directly from consumers who have heard and responded to your customized sales message.

Live Transfer Car Sales Leads Starting Now - We don't have the long lead times that are typical of television or print advertising. We'll have your phones ringing with warm transferred auto sales prospects in a N.Y. minute.

real time Car Sales Leads - In the same way a visitor in a showroom that isn't greeted and waited upon promptly loses interest, a paper lead that waits for a call back can get cold. Our live transfer auto leads stay hot because there is minimal delay between request for information and live connection to a car salesperson.

Live Auto Leads - Give any telephone sales pro a choice between an inbound live lead transfer and a paper lead and see what they say. Live leads eliminate phone tag! They let salespeople get qualified leads and set appointments for test drives.

Up to the Minute Lead Tracking - When you need to measure ROI or redirect leads on the fly, you'll appreciate the tools that Leadz101 provides. Our system allows you to monitor and direct your business building campaign from any Internet connected PC.

True Exclusive Auto Sales Leads: Nothing hurts the momentum of a vehicle leads campaign more than getting recycled paper leads. Our live transfers come directly from broadcasting your unique sales message and they go only to you!

Leadz101 is a rapidly expanding live transfer lead company. Our pledge is simple: We Deliver Real Prospects, Real Time, with Real Results. Call 1-800-742-1554 to learn how you can get more signatures on the dotted line with our live transfer auto sales leads.


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