Automobile Warranty Leads

With a shortage of ASE certified mechanics and the high cost of auto parts, repairing a car after the manufacturer's auto warranty expires can easily cost thousands of dollars. Right after paying such a bill is when consumers become a great lead for auto warranty companies.

If you sell auto warranties and are in need of quality leads call 1-800-742-1554 to speak with a Leadz101 automotive lead specialist.

Using our unique system of warranty lead broadcasting, live transfer or pay per click campaigns, we're able to deliver exclusive, real time auto warranty leads.

Leadz101 can build a professional automotive warranty audio message and broadcast it to thousands of people that have opt-in for more information about an auto warranty. Our message contains a brief overview of the benefits of your warranties and allows interested Car owners to press a number on their telephone keypads to be immediately transferred to your sales people or our call center. Consumers with no interest can opt-out.

Auto Warranty Leads

Our interactive lead generation messages are like having a team of skilled telemarketers working on your behalf to generate bona fide inquiries; a team that never stops generating live vehicle warranty leads!

As you evaluate the best way to allocate your marketing dollars, please consider the advantages that our lead generation programs have over the competition:

  • Auto warranty leads generated 100% in house: Leads come exclusively from broadcasting your professionally produced audio message. We will work with you to assure your audio message portrays your firm accurately and contains the 'right stuff' to get auto warranty leads to connect live.
  • Hot auto warranty leads: Live transfer delivers auto warranty leads immediately to your phones when the lead presses the button to indicate a desire to speak with a rep about obtaining a quote.
  • Neither too many nor too few auto warranty leads: By filtering the call lists and by controlling the number of dials, Leadz101 can give you a predictable flow of quality leads.
  • No hassle lead tracking for your auto warranty leads: Our Internet-based lead tracking system allows you to get real time data on your leads campaign as it unfolds.
  • Leads with a short lead-time - Some other marketing efforts can take days or even weeks to produce results. We can move from conception to marketing campaign quickly. If you need leads now, a live transfer auto warranty campaign can make your phones ring today!
  • Exclusive auto warranty leads: Our live transfer leads go only to the client whose message generated them. In addition, we can prescreen each of your exclusive leads prior to transfer if that's more effective for your sales force.

If your current lead generation activities aren't producing the sales results you want for your warranty programs, call Leadz101 at 1-800-742-1554. Let us show you how an innovative new technology can lead to explosive sales growth.

Call an auto warranty lead rep now to see how you can start getting Real Prospects, Real Time, with Real Results!



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